Here some designs a put together for a friend.









p.s Due to my lack of experience, i had trouble with RGB and CMYK the colours a different 😦 the purple is usually a lot deeper shade. Boo hoo


I was commissioned by a local vegetarian restaurant in Newport to re-brand their menu and logo. They wanted to lift their image to attract a wider clientele. My inspiration came from a simple bay leaf, representing strong flavours and scents.




This one wasn’t as successful as i got too impatient on the binding, but the outside looks pretty 😀

My final project for my foundation art media and design course in 2008, found them and wanted to share them with the world 🙂

Some of development from the lost for words module. I took the ideas into the print room to try and push something new out of them. After experimentation I’m going to use it on a few layers of perspex constructed into a light box. I will post the images on here when its finished, wish me luck.

The brief was to create a poster to explain the word anagram visually. Here’s my development.

I took it to the print room, will post some photos of this shortly.

I think things on the bookbinding front are starting to look up…….